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What sets Essex House Removals apart from the rest?

Removal Companies. There all the same right?

When you are moving home you might find that you are not quite sure who to hire to get the move done?  What factors do you need to think about when picking your mover?  Are all removal companies the same and do they all offer the same level of service?  The answer to this question is no all removal companies and different and offer all different levels of service.

There is a saying that we are firm believers off.  “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire a amateur”!  This statement could not be further from the truth when it comes to removal companies and a man with his van.  Those companies who have been trading for 100 years, have they kept up with the times?  All removal companies are the same right?  All it is is humping furniture?  This is where Essex House Removals find our niche market.  Essex House removals firmly believe that we are a leading company when it comes successfully moving peeps and there belongings.  Now I can’t give all off our secrets away as know doubt our competitors will read this… one day.

On my travels when on the streets of Essex, London, Kent and Surrey I have seen some removal companies carrying out moves in to be honest a horrendous manner.  I mean literally seen lorries and luton vans stacked up with furniture, mirrors, flat screen tvs without a blanket, removal cover or strap insight.  Essex House Removals have invested in our customers by ensuring that we have the removal covers and moving pads to look after your belongings every minute that they are in our care.  Staff undertake training course’s to ensure that they can work to at least industry standard.

I’ve had a browse through to find you guys some other removal companies “loading” which they appear to be proud of, and I really do ask myself WHY?  Honestly my children could look after your furniture better than some of the images that I have come across.  Have a look below and see how others may look after your furniture…


I can only imagine just how scratched up and damaged the above furniture was when it finally reached its new home.

What the difference from Essex House Removals and SOME other removal companies?  Have a look below!


I hope the picture comparisons can give you a insight as to why some removal companies or man with vans advertising on Facebook or Gumtree might be cheap at have the price.

Choose Essex House Removals to make sure your items are delivered in the same condition in which they were collected, it really is a investment to your belongings.

One of our trained surveyors is happy to visit you to explain in further detail exactly how we will carry out your move and what we feel is unique about our family run removal service’s.