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Essex House Removals Top 5 Moving Tips!

Moving Company Tips.

Are you getting ready to move house, home or office? We’ve carried out thousands of office and home removals and were going to share our expertise with you.

When moving home Essex House Removals knows theres a lot for you to think about! Let Essex House Removals help.

We understand there is a lot going on when moving home, so we’ve prepared our top 5 moving tips for our blog entry. If you want any more advice after this just give us a call or drop us a email.

Moving & Packing

Top Tip 1.

Label your packed boxes and write a list.
Write a list to help you record the contents of each box. Have a system of your own and keep it simple to allow you to easily identify where everything has been packed. Heres an example, you can number each box and then refer to your list to find the contents of each box.

Top Tip 2.

Never over fill boxes.

If the packed boxes are to heavy they may not be able to be lifted and may crumple under load whilst being moved to your new home. Always remember that the packed boxes have to be lifted and carried several times. Were skilled and trained movers but unfortunately were not supermen!

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Top Tip 3.

Look after your soft furnishings.

Make sure that you don’t place heavy or sharp items on your sofas, mattresses, pillows or cushions. These can so easily be damaged if you do this. We recommend to never stack items on your soft furnishings.

Top Tip 4.

Start Packing Earlier Rather Than Later.

One of the easiest bits of advice that we can give you is starting packing as early as possible. Living with packed boxes might annoy you but getting ahead with your packing is important. Keep your essentials aside until the week of your move, and make the kettle and mugs the last items packed :-).

Top Tip 5.

Smaller Items.

Try to ensure small items are also packed in boxes and avoid using bin bags or bags. Bags are easily torn and provide the contents with no protection at all, also making stacking in the lorry a difficult task.

So there you have the Top Moving Tips from Essex House Removals. We hope the top tips come in handy and you are able to put them to use.